What is Geo-Analytics?

The idea behind Geo-Analytics is to assess or predict the right amount of demand for taxi bookings and to balance it with an ideal supply/drivers in a given time window. This also eliminates the problem of supply deficit or surplus demand.

Uber like Dynamic Pricing

Pricing strategy which sets flexible prices based on variables such as estimated route traffic, distance of the route, location, events and weather condition

Manage Demand and Supply

Real-time notifications regarding high demand areas are sent to drivers for optimising supply

Demand Supply


Geo-tracking of KPIs from historical data helps you get location based insights regarding missed, cancelled and successful rides

Instant Notifications

With user location at your fingertips, instant push notifications could be devised to help you reach your customers at the right time for location based offers


Use the simple, intuitive dashboard to stay on top of market trends across different geographical areas. Gain insights into the extensive user behaviour and the demand-supply gaps to develop a customer-centric, go-to-market strategy

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