5 Reasons To Choose Jugnoo To Launch App Like BlaBla

The rising popularity of mobility-on-demand services has attributed much to the growth of the e-hailing industry in the market.  If reports are to be believed, the revenue figures of 1.5 billion are expected to grow by 20% in 2024. This gradual spurt in the revenue growth has already fascinated many of the business owners to invest in this sector. 


If you too are impressed with the predicted growth of the car-sharing sector, its time for you to get your carpool business on the wheels at the earliest. Now, the question arises how and from where, to begin with?


The first and foremost important thing, to begin with, is to launch your BlaBla Clone App at the earliest. It will allow you to streamline your car-pooling operations swiftly. If you are looking forward to hire the experts who can smartly handle your business requirements and can give you a perfect Blabla clone app to proceed with, you can connect with Jugnoo’s team. 


How Jugnoo Helps In Getting A Prompt BlaBla Clone App?

Jugnoo equates the proficiency and convenience of your carpool app with the BlaBla App. Features you must know: 

Offers Complete Whitelabel Solutions

Having your brand presence in the market is the ultimate goal of any business. To let your customers recognize you, it is important for you to have a customized carpool app. Jugnoo offers you the chance to smartly build your name among your customers by opting for a white-labeled carpool app. 


Route optimization

To allow your end-users to experience a hassle-free ride, we bring to you easily navigated maps. This makes it super easy for the riders to reach the required destination promptly. The pre-optimized routes also account for seamless car-pool experience to the riders. 


Seamless Payment Options

In time, when the world has switched to the digital money concept, it is important to have multiple payment channels. This will allow hassle-free experience to both the riders. We offer multipayment channel integration in the app to offer flexible payment options. 


Real-Time Alerts

In the on-demand industry, it is mandatory to entertain the requirements on time. With Jugnoo’s BlaBla Car Clone app, it has become easy to get real-time alerts, notifications about the ride requests, inquiry and many more. 


Responsive Technical Assistance

Last but not the least, you can get the dedicated tech support 24*7 for your app. This will again give you the privilege of addressing and solving your concerns at the earliest. We have a team of techies who provide instant support for any technical query. 

Wrapping Up

As a conclusion, it could be interfered that choosing a perfect tech partner who could make it easy for your carpooling business to bloom is substantial. 

Jugnoo gives you unlimited reasons to choose it for your upcoming carpooling application. 


Looking forward to having a quick discussion over this?  Connect with us today!


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